Top 10 Best OFFLINE Games for Android & iOS 2022 | Top 10 High Graphics OFFLINE Games for Android

Top 10 Best OFFLINE Games for Android & iOS 2022

While the gaming industry has largely focused on internet connectivity in the past decade offline single-player games are just as important to have in your library since not everyone has access to high-speed internet all the time today we put together a list of 10 games that can be fully enjoyed with no connection

1. Combat Master

most of you guys might be surprised to find out the combat masters in this video and i was too when one of the subscribers told me that it’s actually an offline game yeah you heard me right You can actually play this game offline too although the ui and gameplay mechanisms of this game look like a competitive multiplayer game it’s actually not this game is also the fastest fps game which features outstanding graphics lots of weapons options and different types of maps overall it’s a great game with good controls

2. Stealing Flash 2

this one’s a mix of medieval 3d action And strategy where you have the opportunity to visit the middle ages in 1212. the game features a vast open world map with 20 large states where you can roam free from one state to another although you have the right to swear allegiance to any country and soon become its king or create your own or conquering more and more territories in addition to that the game offers a wide range of weapons and armies which you can buy by visiting different towns and Ports as your army gets stronger you can attack other alliances and these battles will take place on a large scale where you can use your unique strategy to defeat your enemies overall the game is pretty awesome and i’d say addictive

3. Where’s Samantha

this is a physics-based puzzle platformer game which follows the adventures of george a scrap of fabric who travels through to a cloth world to Find his beloved samantha so your main job is to help george as he searches for his lost love samantha overcoming puzzles and obstacles in this hand-drawn textile world the game features 45 levels of physics based puzzles of varying complexity where you can use weight splitting techniques to solve them the graphics are all beautifully hand drawn and just looks amazing

4. Scary Doll

this is a dark first person quest type game made in a style of classic horror from the developer of smiling x-series the game tells in great detail a gripping and ghosty story that’ll plunge you into an unreal nightmare of reality interesting and rather difficult puzzles await you which will help to reveal a Terrible secret to help save a child to do this you have to carefully examine a strange house that’s located in the middle of a cursed forest the main character of scary doll is a young woman whose daughter has disappeared overall it’s a really good horror game

5. Quest Hunter

this one’s an isometric action rpg where Your choices drive the story forward it’ll see you finding tons of treasures and secrets solving puzzles equipping your character leveling up your skills and finishing off enemy bosses you’ll be able to play solo with friends or make it an online party with up to four players all in all it’s just a fun little adventure rpg that can help you kill up to 15 hours or so the story is quite repetitive and the combat is simplistic but it is a good game to Relax with while watching a tv show after a day of school or work

6. BBWorld

hello bye bye oh yeah this is an old game with a new update the game features a total of 6 different game modes with the addition of a new competitive match 3 versus mode where you can battle against others head on and the insanely fun mode where You supersize the action in addition bb world contains one similar mode just like fall guys where players dodge countless obstacles while trying to reach the finish line fast enough to qualify for the next challenge all of which is done in great detail so obviously you’re not gonna run out of things to do here

7. Puzzle Adventure

this is an adventure game where you go on countless quests and investigate many murder cases and fight a series of Different evil monsters in this game you’ll be a detective who investigates creepy mysterious cases that many people refuse to do before in order to solve the cases you’ll have to face countless challenges the first of which is thousands of puzzles that need answers you gotta figure them out puzzle adventure is not just an ordinary game here you’ll encounter a lot of strange things too the events that take place in the game are not random but each thing That happens brings secrets that need to be unraveled for the finish

8. World War ii

fps i’m reloading this is a clone of world war ii battle combat with a smaller size and lower graphics in the game two teams of up to five players can face off on the battlefield many of them being recreations of historic events a huge plus for this game is that the controls are completely customizable when you first start playing the game you’ll only Have the classic team deathmatch mode unlocked however as you play and level up you’ll be able to unlock five more game modes including free for all and capture the flag just to name a few all in all this one is really good for low spec mobile gamers

9. Bunker 21

this is a 3d action adventure game where you play as a main character who finds himself in a situation that he can’t get out of without your help in the game you gotta solve different riddles and puzzles and collect different resources to survive so the game has over four different chapters where your mission is to find a secret laboratory fight with many different creatures and figure out what is happening overall this one’s a great Game and has a great storyline too

10. Huntercraft

this is a minecraft style survival shooter game where most of the world’s population is turned into zombies and the rest of the people are just trying to survive you slip into the shoes of one of these survivors and your task is to clear the world of the dead and Walking skeletons in the game you can explore freely the wide open world and gather resources for your survival also the game features various types of weapons which you can use to kill zombies you also have to monitor your health hunger level and feed yourself to survive in addition the game also has a day and night mode which makes it more interesting so overall i really like the graphics of the game but it could do with a better storyline

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