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kgf chapter 2

K.G.F Chapter 2 Story Explained

So, In the beginning of this story is shown to us with joy, that is, that journalist tells all the people about Rocky. I was telling and we see him in the hospital whose condition is not good and there we will not leave Anand that Vijendra there for Deepa Mehta nor his children and his wife and takes him to his library that war Tells about that soon all these things were killed, after which all the people are waiting for Virat, here we see Pandey and everyone else and in the meantime we see the present there, who was forcefully brought there.

Gaya and all of them feel that they should give Rocky’s entry on the same mouse to make someone else sit on Modi. Khate who comes as soon as he Tells them all that I will handle with you and you guys will have to pay attention to the rest of the things and from there he leaves for Kiya with Reena after which the scene is shot.

Just laughing here near the Raj Bhavan from where I am getting the details that do I have some ridiculous things going on and at the same time some other cider is coming and ruling over the thing which Raghavan does not digest, to all the people sitting there. It says that neither do we ever talk about the chapter of Kiya nor do we take out that regarding details and then when we come towards Kiya, we see that Reena also does not get settled properly in the place where we see the entries.

who makes a call to Adheera and there we learn that Darkness is the person who has created Kriya, that too on his own strength and also he has given his brother to rule over what Rocky had earlier Killed in the part whose revenge after listening to the impatient Entries, moves back to Karo and comes again to Rocky so there we can see that Rocky has done the right thing. Even she has not killed Van Rang, seeing that all the workers present there get very scared and also ask to kill her but we see that Rok tells her that there is almost new mines carved inside the smile.

Narrating is shocked to hear this and after that he gets ready to accompany Rocky, after this he teaches three people present there to use weapons and also sends all of them to the outpost so that all those people can do anything. Don’t let the person come in, meanwhile we see a character from him who treats Rocky as his god and one night when they are all sleeping we see the impatient men attacking those people.

come and attack meanwhile we can see Parmar thinks that he has won the battle by burning the present there but we can see that Tira walks through that fire and crosses that bridge but Farman is there does not stop and he tells Iraq that Rocky will not leave you, after which this scene is shot straight like the entries who call Rajendra and tell him the same . Has found a way to kill Rocky but they all have to call Rocky out of Kiya for which they may need Reena but there we can see that Rajendra doesn’t understand all this and his understanding Before Angry kills her, the news stream reaches one side and she escapes from Rocky’s house

Rocky’s Kiya runs away from there , after which when Rocky goes, she is attacked by John’s men. And with the help of Reena, those people bring them in front of the same Adheera who shoots Rocky standing from above and comes and tells him that I am leaving you this time so that all the people present there after seeing your condition. Adhira comes to know that Adheera is back and we see Reena getting scared to give him this and Rocky’s men are taken to Kariyo back where the doctor after treating her says that whatever one can do now Yes , only God can do that and we can see that because of Rocky’s weakness,

all the people take advantage of that thing to make all the Rocky’s men in the country. We kill people, in which the biggest hand is of soil and breath, we also see that along with Guru Pandey, they put this petition that they do not want him in the position of Prime Minister, for this the government will give those people another day. After which we can see that as soon as Rocky wakes up from sleep, he calls and tells him all the things there and also tells him that now leaving all these things, you can go back to me for work but with your girlfriend.

After listening to this, we can see that she did not like it at all, after which he Asks her uncle to do one last thing and leaves for the railway station with him and at the same time takes away many others. Seeing which everyone gets very upset but we can see that his complexion realizes that Rocky has gone to Dubai not for vacation but to meet Inayat Khaleel and Roy Inayat Khaleel goes there. This heart keeps in front of you that if your gold which used to come from Africa to India, then I should take that gold out of Africa on my wrist.

But we can see that Niyyat Khaleel tells him that it is too late because neither you have people nor your government will be there now but we can see that it is his uncle’s SIM before leaving for Dubai By giving the same task , he should kill all the men of Shetty present in the country and form his government back, and at the same time, those who were opposed to Guru Pandya have become with Rupandya, due to which he is not being removed from the minister’s chair. And at the same time, Rocky has regained his dominance in the country, as soon as Maithili gets the news of which we can say that the ground has come out under her feet, after which we can see that she is helping her people.

It orders that the rotation of the goods be returned, after that we Can see that he comes and stands in front of the truck full of goods, seeing that everyone is laughing so let’s see that not for Dubai but He went to kill all the people present there and at the same time makes the ground where he says this after going and saying this he leaves from there. He reaches to search people, which is Salman’s saliva and as soon as he takes him to his mother, then his wish will be fulfilled, after which he will leave from here and go straight to Shetty. On seeing him, Shetty starts flirting with him but we can see that Rocky kills him without showing any mercy and comes back to Kari with his bike to meet him there.

It is said that Guru Pandey goes and tells him only virtue that if America takes his throne, then that thing will not be good for him at all and he will destroy every existence of Rocky, which we can see by listening to what Rocky tells him. It is that he has made this principle that more children are not killed, after which he continued to rule it like this for three years and on the other hand the group has not become the prime minister by removing Pandey from his girlfriend, whom Raghav would come to meet. And when she is telling about giving to her, she says that I do not have time for small qualities.

But we see that older than Raghav aggressively tells him that Rocky is our national problem because Rocky is a brilliant businessman as well as a mastermind criminal who is forcibly stopped and Mika is listening to his talk. It is said that in these three years, the entire map of Rocky Nahi Karye has changed, that is, it has given people a permanent home and work to live in, as well as safety to all of them, which Amika is quite surprised to see and all of them Rocky gets her police rates done on all the cards available where we can see that she doesn’t find Gold and her men there but one of them finds one of her biscuits there, about which although she finds out.

So he takes out his car and reaches Siraha police station and we see that a small child present there is giving tea to all the people in the police station, then at any time the full name of Rocky is told there, after hearing that child It tells those people that if you have brought something from him, then it would be better that he should get that thing. Return it or else you may not be present here till evening, after which We see that all the people there for the first time seeing Rocky, who has to see the whole police station and those people return the biscuits as soon as they return. So we see that Rocky does not go back, but he has got a machine for testing with him, which he checks at the same police station and we can see that not a single person here has the courage to come and Rocky.

Stop and then we can see that darkness is also burning in the same vengeance fire, whoever has decided to do the same, kills Roshni, after which we can see that Rocky has gathered so that everyone is satisfied but we see It is possible that it also falls short and it is from the body that the work should be done quickly, from this it is said that there is no difference between you and you are getting people to work day and night and it may happen that all this is done for you. Not for but doing it for someone else, after which we can see that they have brought their mother out of that place, and at the same time there is no one else to take care of her.

This is his drunkard whose story leaves everyone very upset and together it is revealed that Rocky can only stop at Reena’s behest after which finally Reena marries him by saying I love you and we can see this. It is that no matter how angry you are, All that anger given to Reena melts, as well as in the meantime we can see Rocky who goes and gets Swaroop face from America and gives him the details of all his black letters but we see It can be said that all the workers and party members of Rashmi refuse to take that file and pile the complaint because the payment that Rocky rotates or gives the payment goes to all the positions in India out of which Ravi also has a lot of party members,

Ramesh is very surprised to hear this, and Rocky says that one day you will have to peek and I will wait for that day and we see that Rocky is there. goes back to his house from where we can see in the middle of the night the one who came there Angry tells this what he has done in so many years. Let’s say some of this word crush was kept with him as his slave, due to which he knows the way to do all the in and out and as soon as he gets the complete map of the kare, kills all the people present there and Tells the Rangers to unite a tunnel with the help of which Bolo Kyo can enter and a few days later Agri finds the place and we see if you take the man and go straight Inside it to kill Rocky. enters but we can also see that Reena does the good news to Rocky that she is going to be a mother but we see that any incomplete there porn kills Reena whose dead body is stopped after seeing And becomes rebel,

because of this we see a very amazing final between Adheera and Rakhi but alas Adhir loses his life there that too at the hands of Rocky after which Rocky ‘s Singh asks uncle the way for those people to come As soon as he tells, we see that Rocky leaves from there, ghee enters directly inside Delhi Parliament and after reaching there Guru Panda He shoots the run in front of Mika Singh as it comes to know that the mastermind of all these things was none other than Guru Pandya and he gave shelter to the impatient Angry and the rest of the people after Rocky left from there . After that we see that all the photos of Ramesh are called there and signs the name of Rocky but we see that only they move towards the creatures of the force, so they do not get any other than the common people there,

friends Rocky. If we give a gift on the bottom side of it, then this mission does not have Rocky, after this we can see that Ramesh’s frustration comes to know that those people have his location, this Portion and from that his location to USA and other countries also we Let us also see that he has thought of doing this and at the same time see that he is not alone but he takes his whole with him and is remembering himself there, he was saying this in his own way and If we were like this, then this should be ended as well as till today, after which we see Rocky who goes to Sonali with him in the sea i.e. he has lost his life.

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