Best cryptocurrency to invest in 2022 for long-Term

Hello friends welcome on my website. Today on this article of ”best long-term crypto investments 2022” we are going to talk to you about which are the top performing coins, which we can put in our portfolio and make a good profit. And such a token is absolutely safe because there are many such tokens in crypto whose up and down is not possible to guess. But now we have brought some science out of 7000 coins. This is such a top-performing coin that you can buy anytime in any season.

So, friends, I am Danish and today we are going to talk to you about some such special coins which can be for long term investment. Because crypto is going to be updated a lot in the coming eleven- 2 years, you can not guess that right now. Many people ask me to take this token for the next 5 years. I think it is not possible to answer this question in that one comment so that I can explain the whole theory to you. That’s why I am making this video today if you are planning for the next 5 years then this video is only and only for you The next 5 years that you are seeing the state of crypto right now make you think expensive. Like bitcoin is expensive but not only for the next 5 but only two years, then whatever price you are seeing today, there is going to be a difference between the land and the sky. The day is not far when the price of bitcoin becomes one million dollars.

Such things are possible in the coming time. We are just in the very early stage, those people feel that it is too late, bitcoin and ethereum have overtaken too much but it will be cheaper for us when it is 2 years old. later we will see its price That’s why out of those 7000 tokens we have brought out some tokens which you will keep in your portfolio for 2 years. These are all those coins in which you do not have to be disturbed that you have bought today and after 2 months and 6 months are thinking what will happen to them, the market is going down, is getting up, selling, nothing to do This is the coin that you have to buy and give up so that you can save some coins for the long term as well.

Being a friend, we are only giving you such advice that whatever you have done in crypto so far, but now do something in crypto that will give some such profit in the next 2 years. That you think that yes it could have given me such a huge profit, I did not know so today we are making this video, it is for those who want long term investment. In this, the market which has gone in 2% and 10% dip now, remove it from your mind. Whether this market has gone into a dip, buy now or stop. These coins are such that whenever you feel that you have to take an entry, take entry according to your own, there is no chance in it. Let’s go down a little more, now let’s go down a little more, we did not bring those tokens. They have brought what you have to carry for the long term. So right now you are looking for a short term, then read some other video, there are many more articles lying on our website.

But this article is going to be useful for you all these tokens for the long term for the next 1 or 2 years. So listen very calmly to what are those tokens and what is the story behind them. So, first of all, let’s start with this market, it was down a while back and after 10 minutes it has started turning green again, so there is no such panic situation in crypto. Whatever happens, is only temporary. And today we are going to talk in this video about the long term. In the long term, all these tokens are some tokens from time, out of all of them we have picked 10 tokens for you and you have to listen to them, then the first thing we have brought for you is a pancake swap if you need tokens And to know about the coin, what happens when the Article about it is coming up. Whatever confusion is there between token and coin, yours will be removed. The first token is called Pancake Swap and what is its use case.

Because the reason for the growth of each coin is what it is going to be used for. So this token is used because to swap all the coins of Binance means any coin made from BNB then goes to be swapped on Pancake Swap It is used so much that the price it is showing right now is very low. And you cannot even imagine how much it is going to happen next. In 1 month, you see how quickly it has recovered from $11. We have brought all the same tokens for you who recover very soon. Sometimes it will go down but will recover very fast

1. Vechain

the token we have come up with is VeChain. Here is a video about what is the use case of VeChain, in full detail, we have told what is the use of VeChain. So just look at VeChain went down but recovered very fast. So these are all the coins that recover quickly. And VeChain is number two. And at number 3 is Polygon ie Matic. And Matic was found in enough dip to get people to buy. and then recovered very fast and matic is also for you long term its use matic to swap all the tokens of ethereum. So it has a good use case right now and it will have a good presence for a long time to come.

2. ICP

After that the next token is ICP. ICP also you see here it went in a very high dip of $29 and today it is back again at the same rate at which it is normal and its use case is that it is very good it’s By watching the video we have made about it, you can understand its future,

3. Solona

the name of the next token is Solana. The blockchain of Solana is the fastest to date. Until ethereum 2.0 arrives, it is Solana that will lead. Because that’s the use case of it. A lot of platforms can be built on top of that because Solana is a coin. And see how fast it recovered it was at $22 and it’s set back again to $37. So the future of all these is very good, if you buy them then you will not regress from anywhere.

4. Uniswap

The token that is next after that is Uniswap. Now the burning of ethereum is started, this is the swap used for ethereum. If Ethereum is to be swapped, the number one token is UniSwap and it is used frequently.When anything has a positive impact on Ethereum, Uniswap users will get its effect and benefit. Here you can see how fast it has also been recovered.

5. Polka-dot

After that the next coin is polka-dot. And the founder of polka-dot helped a lot in creating Ethereum. So he has made this polka-dot and has put a lot of good mind in making it. So you can buy polka-dot too. And in the coming time, we are going to bring a video as soon as possible about polka-dot. You can understand this better. And that’s the Futuristic Coin for you.

6. ADA

After that, the token that is next is named ADA. We have also made a dedicated video above ADA. What is its use and should you keep ADA in your portfolio for the long term. Because it is a very high potential coin.

7. BNB

After that the coin which is next is our favourite, its name is BNB. BNB is the native token of Binance. Now, what is its use case? If you do anything in Binance, it will be entered with this token. If you want to do anything anywhere, it will be done from this coin. And what is Binance? That is the number one exchange. Right now surrounded by some controversies but will be back very soon. Now understand that you are getting it at a very low rate. It is getting a huge discount right now as its normal price is around $600.

8. Ethereum

After that the next all-time favourite is Ethereum. If you are not thinking about it then you are making too many mistakes. And you just see how long it took it to go from $2000 to $3000. Only 15 days only. In this way, the performance of all of them is going to be very good. And we have also write a article about its future. Reading our this article here you can know what could be the future of Ethereum.

9. Bitcoin

After that the name of the next coin is bitcoin, it is the mother of the whole cryptocurrency, if you are thinking of this for the long term, then it is better than going to any other, give it a place in your portfolio.

So, that your portfolio for long term It can be very good friends, this coin which we have told you, we have told after studying a lot because there is future. The same coins and tokens grow whose use case is real. All these tokens and coins are a super use case of what I have mentioned. That’s why we are suggesting all this to you So, friends, that’s for today article.

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