10 NFT Games in 2022 You Can Play Right Now

10 NFT Games in 2022 You Can Play Right Now

There’s an experiment happening right now  on how video games are developed, governed,   and monetized. By integrating blockchain, this new  breed of games gives players some form of control.   From owning in-game items to dictating how the  game evolves. Let’s take a look at some of these   experiments. Here are 10 crypto games you can  play right now, arranged in no particular order.

1. Axie Infinity.

Breed. Battle. Explore. At the very heart of this   game are digital pets called Axies. Axie Infinity  sits at the forefront of the “play-to-earn” model   where players gain FULL ownership of in-game  assets. By exploring the world, breeding and   competing, players become active members of the  game’s economy and help steer development. It’s   still very early and has a lot of room for growth  to compete against industry giants like Pokemon.   But with an active community of  players and a dedicated team behind it,   the future looks bright. Axie Infinity is  available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

2. Nine Chronicles

It’s a free-to-play   roleplaying game with a technical twist. Just  like other RPGs, you play as an adventurer:   collecting loot, killing monsters, battling  other players and exploring a vast fantasy world.   What makes Nine Chronicles different is what’s  underneath. It’s built on a peer-to-peer network   of gamers and miners, just like BitTorrent.  This means that no central server is owned   by one company. In theory, the whole online  world will continue to exist as long as there   are players. Nine Chronicles is playable on  Windows, with Steam Early Access coming soon.

3. Town Star

This competitive farming sim is developed by   the creative minds behind Farmville and Words with  Friends. Town Star runs on a 6-day cycle. Every   Tuesday, the world map is reset and all players  start from scratch. Build your farm, hire workers,   sell and trade your way to become the most  productive farmer in the world. At the end of each   cycle, the top farmers win GALA tokens, NFTs , and  more. The competition is fierce with this month’s   Prize pool valued at $1 million. Town Star’s  beta version is playable on any modern browser.

4. Lost Relics

This is an ARPG following the tradition   of Diablo. Complete quests, kill monsters,  conquer dungeons, and collect the rarest of loot!   And these loot come in two types: virtual and  blockchain. Virtual items are those we’re all   familiar with. Weapons, armors, and accessories  maintained and controlled by the game’s developer.   Blockchain items, on the other hand, are  decentralized. You’re free to use, trade,   sell, transfer, even discard them…and  the developer can’t do a thing about it.   Lost Relics is free-to-play with an option  for paid membership to unlock perks.   The pre-alpha version is playable on Windows  and Mac. Fair warning, player slots are limited.

5. Splinterlands

Remember how easy it was to trade physical cards   of games like Pokemon and Magic the Gathering?  Splinterlands is exactly like that but in   digital form. You build your deck with different  fighters, stats, and abilities. Then you battle   Other players in the arena. For every win, your  rank increases, unlocking higher-level cards and   more rewards. What separates Splinterlands from  games like Hearthstone is that the cards are NFTs.   These are pieces of code stored on the  blockchain that act as certificates of ownership.   This means that players own the cards, giving  them the freedom to play, trade, buy, and sell   them whenever they want. Splinterlands  is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

6. Sorare

This is another collectible card game. Imagine a  five-a-side fantasy football on a global scale.   Sorare cards feature footballers from different  leagues around the world. Using the Sorare cards,   you build your own virtual football team and join  active leagues. The cards earn XP based on your   players’ performance in real-life football  matches. With every point earned, your team   becomes more powerful. This gives you a chance to  compete in higher divisions and win bigger prizes.   This is one of the biggest blockchain games  you can play right now. With more than 135   Licensed football clubs, covering 23 leagues.  Sorare is playable on any modern browser.

7. League of Kingdoms

It’s your typical browser MMO   strategy where you build a kingdom, train troops,  form alliances, and compete against other players.   What makes League of Kingdoms unique is how it  implements blockchain technology to engage users.   First, all lands in the game are real-estate  NFTs minted in the Ethereum blockchain.   You can build, trade, and even  earn rewards by owning these lands.   Second is governance. Players can elect leaders  and vote on features or mechanics they want to   see in the next update. League of Kingdoms is  playable on Android, iOS, and any modern browser.


As silly as it sounds, Zed is a horse-racing game   on the blockchain. The racing part is just the  consequence of how it’s designed. The real game   is breeding the fastest and strongest racehorses.  Like all the games in this list, each horse is an   NFT that carries a unique DNA. This DNA determines  the horse’s racing ability, bloodline, and rarity.   If you’re not into this type of game and just want  to see virtual racehorses compete, head over the   ZED RUN’s website and watch live races. It’s  fun! It’s playable on Android and on browsers.

9. CryptoFights

Battle other players for XP,   loot, and cash rewards! CryptoFights is  a turn-based fighting game with mechanics   inspired by Dungeons and Dragons. You start  by playing a single-player story mode to gain   weapons and ability points. Then, you  can enter PvP matches and tournaments.   The skills, weapons, and armor you equip; as well  as your understanding of the game’s mechanics can   greatly affect your chances of winning. The game’s  open beta version is available on PC and Android.   Although you have to download the  files directly on their website.

10. The Six Dragons

This is an open-world   RPG with over a billion randomly generated  dungeons on 256 square kilometer map. It even   starts like other games of the genre. You wake  up in a mysterious world ripe for exploration,   Raid dungeons, and craft items. What sets it  apart from traditional open-world RPGs is its   crafting and item management. Valuable items are  stored on the blockchain as NFTs and you can sell,   trade, even earn from them. Early  access is playable on the PC.   A PS5 version with PvP is in the works and  scheduled to launch by the end of the year.

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